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We’re always on the lookout for new, exciting games on the market and Lightning Dice from Evolution certainly caught our attention. Bright, stimulating visuals combined with suspenseful gameplay keep players thoroughly engaged as they bet on the outcome of three rolling dice.

On this page, we’ll provide some valuable approaches to enjoy the game the most and hopefully increase your chances of winning. While Lightning Dice ultimately comes down to the luck of the roll, understanding the fundamentals of the game and betting wisely can certainly improve your odds and overall enjoyment.

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Basic Lightning Dice Strategies

When playing Lightning Dice, you are betting on what outcome will come up when three six-sided dice are rolled down a tower by the live show host. There are 16 possible totals, ranging from 3 to 18. Payouts vary based on the rarity of totals, with lower probability totals paying up to 150x your wager.

In addition to the base payouts, lightning multipliers between 5x and 1000x can randomly strike totals for each round, dramatically increasing winning bets struck by lightning. This element brings great suspense and winning potential to the game.

Take the 50/50 Odds

Rather than betting on specific totals, consider wagering on either “High” (12-18) or “Low” (3-9). Both wagers cover about 8 of the 16 possibilities, giving you nearly 50/50 odds to win. This is a great foundational strategy that pays 2x your bet while covering a lot of potential winning rolls.

Improve Your Odds

For improved odds versus the High / Low bets, you can stake on individual totals 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 or 13. These have the highest probability of being rolled, around a 1 in 8 chance. By hitting one of these frequent totals each round you can steadily accumulate winnings over time.

Chase the Big Multipliers

If you’re feeling lucky and want to swing for the fences, always place a small wager on totals 3 and 18. At just 0.46% probability each, these totals pay out massive 150x rewards when hit due to their rarity. With the right lightning strike, you could win up to 1000x your bet!

Avoid the Money Pit

While Lightning Dice allows you to easily “Bet All” totals with one click, this is generally an unwise long-term strategy. To cover all 16 totals requires betting an amount that exceeds the payouts, so eventually you will lose money even as you hit frequent wins. Save this expensive option for rare occasions when feeling extremely lucky!

Advanced Strategies: Take Your Game to the Next Level

Once you’ve mastered the essential Lightning Dice tips covered so far, you can move on to some more sophisticated tactics that skilled players employ to gain an extra edge. Let’s review 3 key advanced strategies along with when to use them and the risks to keep in mind.

Target the Probable Outcomes

More experienced Lightning Dice players don’t simply guess at what totals to play each round. By observing previous rolls and understanding the probability of totals, they determine which outcomes are due to hit more frequently.

Here are the 4 key totals with the highest probability of being rolled:

  • 10 or 11 (12.5% each)
  • 8 or 12 (9.72% each)

Focusing your wagers on just these likely totals means you’ll score frequent small wins that can gradually grow your bankroll over time. Utilize this strategy when you want to play tactically vs just hoping to get lucky. Pay attention each round to further detect patterns revealing the hottest totals to capitalize on next.

Chase the Big Payouts

In addition to betting the probable totals each round, savvy players always have a small wager on the rare 3 and 18 totals because landing them results in a massive 150-1000x payday.

The key facts on totals 3 and 18:

  • 0.46% probability
  • 150-1000x payout range
  • Can win huge with a small bet
  • Risk missing out when not playing

The tiny chance of hitting these low probability totals is exactly why having some money on them every round is so crucial – when they do finally hit, you’ll kick yourself if you don’t have skin in the game! Have the discipline to continually allocate a small portion of your wagering budget to chasing these elusive monster payouts.

Employ the Martingale System

This classic casino betting system involves doubling your bet after each loss, and then returning to your original wager amount after each win.

How to utilize the Martingale strategy:

  1. Choose 5 totals to focus on
  2. Make minimum wager on those totals
  3. If lose, double bet next round
  4. When win, reset to minimum bet
  5. Stop after 2-3 lightning rounds

The goal is to score a win before losing too much, with the doubled wagers covering your losses plus earning a profit. It’s extremely risky long-term, but using it sparingly when the table seems hot can boost your bankroll periodically. Have the discipline to walk away quickly though!

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Get Control of Your Budget

Having solid fundamentals around gameplay and strategy sets you up well when playing Lightning Dice, but managing your overall betting bankroll wisely is just as crucial for long-term success. Let’s review some key guidelines any smart player should follow to protect their budget and maximize time gaming on this entertaining title.

Start with Smaller Bets

Especially when first learning the gameplay, begin each session by wagering small amounts as you evaluate the table trends and find your rhythm. Conservative play early allows you to understand the probabilities better before ramping up bet sizes. Some specific advice:

  • Stick to minimum stakes for your first 50–100 rolls
  • Build confidence identifying patterns before upping stakes
  • Bet big ONLY when clear trends emerge

Rushing to make large wagers often results in early bankroll depletion, cutting your gaming time short. Take it slow by building your knowledge foundation first.

Review Previous Outcomes

In addition to starting slow, continually pay attention to previous roll outcomes, displayed in the upper right section of the playing interface. Understanding which totals are hitting more frequently, and which seem overdue, guides smart bet adjustments.

Making data-driven decisions based on what you directly observe, vs just guessing, will drive better results.

Manage Your Overall Bankroll

Most importantly, be sure to manage your entire gambling budget carefully when playing Lightning Dice. Have a dedicated amount you can afford to lose, and stop playing when you lose it! Here are some bankroll tips:

Set loss limitsDecide max loss per session before playing
Extend play if losingLower bet sizes to keep playing longer
Walk away when hit limitStop when losing streak hits session max
Quit while you’re aheadAfter big wins, consider stopping too
Budget monthly amountLimit total gambling spend per month

Careful tracking protects you from the reckless tendency to endlessly chase losses. Know when to walk away, and you’ll always live to play another day!


How do you win at Lightning Dice?

Use strategies that account for probability – mix frequent bets on likely totals with longshot bets on rare totals. Also manage your budget carefully by setting loss limits and betting small when needed.

What is the highest payout in Lightning Dice?

The highest base payout is 150x your bet for totals 3 and 18. And with a lucky lightning strike, you can win up to 1000x your wager!

Do Lightning Dice strategies really work?

While results come down to luck, using savvy strategies that factor in probability and bankroll management will produce better results over time. Nothing is guaranteed though!

Is Lightning Dice all luck?

Mostly yes – but understanding probabilities and implementing solid betting strategies can help optimize your luck over many rolls of the dice.

What are the Lightning Dice multipliers?

Lightning can randomly strike totals each round with multipliers from 5x up to 1000x, dramatically increasing potential payouts. Different totals have different multiplier ranges.

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As an accomplished writer, David Kessler brings his storytelling flair to Lightning Dice – a game he has played extensively for over 3 years. Drawing on his passion and insider knowledge, David’s articles and reviews provide strategic tips and clever insights into the game’s riveting gameplay, highlighting useful tactics to help readers earn more and avoid mistakes. With enthusiasm leaping off the page, he draws players into the electric world of Lightning Dice from a seasoned veteran’s perspective. Let David’s wisdom guide you in mastering this pulse-pounding game.