Lightning Dice is a simple yet exciting live croupier game from Evolution Gaming. Players must predict the sum of three dice rolled down an electrified tower. Betway offers a reliable and licensed platform with plenty of years of successful operation and authentic Lightning Dice experience. If you want to learn more about how to sign up with Betway and play the game, let’s dive in further below.

What is Lightning Dice?

It features three standard six-sided dice inside a transparent vertical tower. A live dealer drops the dice from the top, and they tumble through pins and rotating blades that alter their trajectory in unpredictable ways. Players must guess what total (from 3 to 18) the three dice will add up to when they come to rest at the bottom.

Is Betway a Good Place to Play Lightning Dice?

Betway is a worldwide holding that is being traded publicly, so you shouldn’t have any worries depositing and playing. Obviously, Betway has Evolution Gaming in stock (the provider of Lightning Dice) so you can enjoy all of their live casino titles directly in your web browser or mobile app.

Pros of Betway include:

  1. Wide selection of high-quality live dealer games from reputable software providers
  2. Professional, skilled, and friendly dealers ensuring an engaging gaming experience
  3. Variety of betting limits catering to different budgets and play styles
  4. User-friendly, mobile-compatible platform for easy access and on-the-go gaming
  5. Tailored promotions and bonuses for live casino games, providing added value
  6. Well-established, licensed company with 24/7 customer support for trust and assistance

Alternative Options to Play the Game

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+180% Deposit Bonus + 50 Free Spins

Getting Started on Betway

Creating a Betway account to play Lightning Dice is a quick and easy process. Simply provide some basic personal details, verify your identity, and make a deposit to fund your account. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to and click “Sign Up
  2. Enter your name, date of birth, phone number and email address when prompted
  3. Verify your identity by uploading documents or using quick verification services
  4. Make a deposit using one of Betway’s safe and secure payment methods

Once registered and funded, navigate to Lightning Dice as follows:

  1. Click on “Casino” from Betway’s main site navigation
  2. Select the “Game Shows” category under the Casino tab
  3. Locate Lightning Dice among the selection of live games
  4. Click on its icon then select “Play Now

The game board will load up inside your browser with the current round displayed. You can then start placing bets once that round ends using the intuitive virtual betting area.

Playing Lightning Dice on Betway

Evolution’s professional studio provides an optimal setting for the game – a tall tower designed to send three dice on an engaging journey. The virtual table is well-lit, allowing players to clearly see the available betting options.

screenshot from betway website

Arriving at the Table

The screen displays high-quality graphics as dealer greets you. As a new player, take a moment to examine the betting layout, which presents all possible dice totals and their corresponding payout odds. The impressive tower in the centre of the screen will be the focal point of the game, determining the outcome of each round.

Placing Your Bets

As the 20-second countdown commences each round, returning players swiftly spread chips on favoured totals. Start cautiously at first, sampling different spots to discover their payoff potential. Once finding a comfort zone, utilize shortcuts to scale bets faster towards maximum limits.

Approaching Each Round

As each round progresses, keep these steps in mind:

  • Review the payout odds table below so potentials become familiar
  • Select betting amount and click desired totals to place wagers
  • Watch for the dramatic Lightning Feature multipliers revealed
  • Fingers crossed as the dice take their unpredictable journey!
  • Review wins / losses, adjust bets if needed, and gear up again!
Dice TotalPayout Multiplier

Strategies and Tips

While luck plays a big role, having the right strategies improves your odds when playing. Let’s review key tactics used by seasoned players.

Smart Betting Tips

Some effective betting strategies that translate well include:

Hedging BetsBalance risk vs reward by covering both likely and unlikely totals
Managing BankrollSet and adhere to a gambling budget for each session
Riding TrendsCapitalize on hot numbers by placing bets on totals hitting more frequently than expected
Quitting While AheadRecognize when to stop playing after achieving significant wins

Lightning Leverage

Experienced players know the real boost to the game comes from the dramatic Lightning Feature:

  • Study which totals trigger smaller vs higher multipliers
  • Place more bets on totals eligible for 1000x when feeling adventurous
  • If you miss getting 1000x, reduce bets on that number for next rounds
  • When you do get the max multiplier, quickly reuse that number!

Follow these evidence-based tactics for statistically better results over time. And remember, the most important strategy is having fun!


How do you win money?

Correctly guess the sum of the 3 dice rolled each round to earn the corresponding multiplier applied to your bet amount placed that round. With potential 1000x boosts from Lightning strikes, wins can quickly compound! Also you can check out our more detailed guide on how to win in the game.

What is the optimal strategy?

Useful strategies are betting small on the rarest totals, covering more common totals frequently, and taking advantage of the dramatic random Lightning Multipliers when they strike your bets.

Can this game be rigged?

With Evolution Gaming powering the stacks, Lightning Dice utilizes certified random number generated outcomes that cannot be manipulated or predicted. No need to worry about rigging or dealer tricks.

Can I play without signing up at Betway?

No, Betway requires ID verification when creating an account to confirm you are legally eligible. This protects your funds and follows global player protection standards. Rest assured your personal info remains securely protected.

Is the game purely based on luck?

Like most casino games, the outcome of each Lightning Dice round is determined by chance (or more specifically RNG software that is being certified and licensed to ensure fair outcomes). There’s no skill involved in predicting the sum of the three dice. However, you can make planned decisions and make your own betting strategy to manage your buget.

David Kessler

As an accomplished writer, David Kessler brings his storytelling flair to Lightning Dice – a game he has played extensively for over 3 years. Drawing on his passion and insider knowledge, David’s articles and reviews provide strategic tips and clever insights into the game’s riveting gameplay, highlighting useful tactics to help readers earn more and avoid mistakes. With enthusiasm leaping off the page, he draws players into the electric world of Lightning Dice from a seasoned veteran’s perspective. Let David’s wisdom guide you in mastering this pulse-pounding game.