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 Lightning Dice electrified the online casino scene when Evolution Gaming launched this ingenious game in 2019. Blending the simplicity of Sic Bo dice rolls with their popular “Lightning” multiplier features, players’ anticipation builds as totals get randomly struck before the dealer’s pull of the lever. The glitzy studio, charismatic hosts, straightforward betting, and epic payout potential combine for an addictively entertaining experience. Let’s break down everything you need to know about playing this game.

What is Lightning Dice?

It is an online live casino game created by Evolution Gaming, the leading game developer behind popular titles like Lightning Roulette and Crazy Time. Building on the simple but suspenseful foundation of the traditional Chinese dice game Sic Bo, Lightning Dice adds an extra jolt of excitement through random “lightning” multipliers up to 1000x!

Here’s a quick rundown of how the game works:

  • 3 dice are physically rolled by the casino dealer down a transparent tower
    • Players wager on what they think the total sum of the 3 dice will be after the roll
  • 16 possible totals – from 3 to 18 – make up the betting options
  • Payouts range from 5x to 150x the stake, depending on the rarity of the total
  • A “Lightning Round” occurs before the roll, randomly assigning multipliers up to 1000x to 1-4 totals
  • If you bet on a “lightning number” AND it’s the total sum, your payout skyrockets!

With its glamorous setting, charismatic dealers, straightforward rules and thrilling multipliers, Lightning Dice brings a modern twist to a classic casino game. It’s no wonder it has fast become a fan favorite game to play online. Now let’s get into everything you need to know to get in on the action!

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How to Play Lightning Dice: A Complete Walkthrough

It follows the classic flow of a dice game, with added flashes of lightning excitement. Here is a comprehensive, step-by-step walkthrough of everything that happens in a round:

Setting the Stage

The game takes place in a glitzy casino studio with a towering contraption covered in lights and neon decor. This is the Lightning Tower, where the dice action happens. Charismatic hosts run the show, taking bets, amping the energy and operating the tower.

As a player, you join an open game via your computer or mobile device. The virtual betting table shows the possible dice totals, special wagers, chip values for placing bets, and a live stats display. A timer counts down when betting opens each round.

Placing Bets

Placing Bets

Once the timer starts counting down from just under a minute, you can start wagering:

  • The main betting area shows the numbers 3 to 18. Click/tap a number to place and add stakes there, representing what you think the total of the 3 dice will be.
  • You can also bet on combo stakes:
    • Low: Covers totals of 3 through 9
    • High: Covers 12 through 18
    • Any triple: All 3 dice show the same value
    • Any double: At least 2 dice match
  • To bet, use the chip values along the bottom to set stake amounts and left click/tap to place it on spots
  • You can spread out and stack chips on multiple spots
  • Minimum bet is £/€1, maximum bet is £/€2000

The stats area shows what numbers are getting the most betting action each round. As time ticks down, you’ll want to get all your stakes placed while the table is still open!

Lightning Strikes

The betting timer runs out, and betting closes. The real spectacle starts ramping up as the Lightning Round kicks in:

  • The host selects a button prompting 1 to 4 numbers on the betting board to get struck by lighting
  • Flashing graphics and sound effects signal random numbers being hit with a lightning multiplier between 50x to 1000x
  • The boosted numbers shimmer and glow, signifying the epic payout possibilities on the horizon

Rolling the Dice

Next, the sound of a lever echoing across the studio signals dice being rolled by the host:

  • Three dice come tumbling out the top of the Lightning Tower
  • A camera zooms in and follows their bounces and collisions down through the maze-like tower
  • Transparent barriers and pins inside alter the path randomly as they fall

After a few tense seconds, the dice settle at the bottom of the tower. A close-up camera shot clearly displays their values. The total is officially announced, and winning bets glow around the table.

Winning Payouts

If the dice total matches any stakes you placed:

  • Standard payouts apply based on the normal odds of that total being rolled
  • If the total was also a “lightning number”, this random factor additionally multiplies your payout.
  • Payout multipliers range from 5x up to a whopping 150x

Payouts hit accounts instantly. Losers forfeit their bets placed that round. The tower resets, bets reopen, and the electrifying action starts again!

Bonus Features

While Lightning Dice doesn’t have traditional slot-style bonus games or free spins, the randomly applied lightning multipliers act as an exciting bonus feature each round. If you’re lucky enough to place a bet on a number that gets struck AND that ends up being the sum of all three dice, you’ll win big with payouts boosted up to 1000x! It’s like being dealt a natural blackjack, but with potentially much higher rewards.

Possible Totals

Obviously, not all totals from a 3 dice roll are created equal in terms of likelihood:

  • The minimum possible total is 3
  • The maximum possible total is 18
  • But 10 and 11 have the highest probability of occurring.

This table shows the payout rates tied to the odds of each number being rolled:


So a bet on the rarest totals of 3 or 18 delivers a huge 150x payout, while bets on the most probable 10 or 11 only pay 5x.

Lightning Dice Strategy Tips

As with most casino games such as roulette, baccarat, and Dream Catcher, Lightning Dice is a game of pure chance. There’s no way to influence the outcome of the three dice. However, you can manage your bankroll strategically:

  • Stick to a budget and pace your stakes to get the most play time from your deposit
  • Spread bets to cover more possibilities, like combos of Low, High, Any Triple and Any Double
  • For a shot at the biggest payouts, sprinkle in some bets on the lowest probability totals like 3 and 18
  • Take advantage of casino bonuses and promotions that may offer free bets or rebates

Remember though, all outcomes are random. Never gamble more than you can afford for entertainment purposes.


How do you win at this game?

To win, the total you wager on needs to match the actual sum of the 3 dice after they come to rest. If you also bet on a “lightning number”, which is assigned a multiplier at random, your payout will also increase by that multiplier.

Can you play for free?

Some online casinos may offer free play demo versions. But most require real money bets, with minimums around $1 per round. Table limits reach up to $2,000 per bet.

Who makes this game?

It was created and published by Evolution Gaming, a leading live casino games developer known for innovative titles and exceptional streaming quality.

What do you need to play?

It is available exclusively online at live dealer casinos. To play, you just need any device like a mobile, laptop, or desktop with internet access and an account that offers Evolution live games.

Can you cheat at this game?

There is no way to cheat or use strategy to change the random outcomes in Lightning Dice. Results rely entirely on chance, and the dice rolls are fairly conducted with oversight by gaming authorities and regulators.

David Kessler

As an accomplished writer, David Kessler brings his storytelling flair to Lightning Dice – a game he has played extensively for over 3 years. Drawing on his passion and insider knowledge, David’s articles and reviews provide strategic tips and clever insights into the game’s riveting gameplay, highlighting useful tactics to help readers earn more and avoid mistakes. With enthusiasm leaping off the page, he draws players into the electric world of Lightning Dice from a seasoned veteran’s perspective. Let David’s wisdom guide you in mastering this pulse-pounding game.